Editors Letter, Winter 2016

Winter lends itself to reevaluation. The short days tweak moods with weak light. The low-hanging sun asks, “when I am back, what will we do? Where will we go? A...
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Modern-Day Artemis

By Rachel Turiel This idea blossomed much like many wayward marital brainchildren: my husband cajoled; I laughed and blew him off. The cajoling continued for...

Garden Therapy

By Sharon Sullivan Father Edmundo Valera sprinkles holy water over a downtown Grand Junction community garden on a sunny, late spring afternoon. Wearing a wi...
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Meat, Debunked

By Jess Kelley Of all the nutritional myths and controversies, those about meat are maybe the biggest whoppers. For the staunch vegan or China Study subscrib...

Editors Letter Fall 2015

In this somewhat meat-centric issue of Edible SWC, I have been thinking about my uber-ethical foodie friend who refuses to eat so much as a cheese puff if it co...
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Feed Thy Neighbor, Know Thy Neighbor

“Community.” It's a word that conjures up goodwill and a peaceful, easy feeling. It's a song we all want to hum along with, in part because we love the sound of it, but truthfully, we hum because we don't always know the words. If we are being honest, and let's be, community can be a wee bit vague. It's a delightful collective word that can sometimes fail to actively include the individual. We all want to be a part of a vibrant and dynamic community, but how does that look in practical terms?