by Lauren Slaff

Photo By Rick Scibelli Jr.

Photo By Rick Scibelli Jr.


2 ½ cups “limonada” (see below)

1 ½ cups good reposada or añejo-style tequila

½ cup orange liqueur (like Cointreau)

Coarse salt

6 cups ice cubes

1 jalapeño pepper, sliced


Limonada: stir together one cup fresh-squeezed lime juice, ½ cup sugar and 1 ½ cups fizzy water until dissolved.

In a pitcher, combine the tequila, limonada and orange liqueur. Use the lime and salt to crust the rims of eight 6-ounce martini glasses. Fill a cocktail shaker half full with ice and a couple slices (your call, how brave are you?) of the jalapeño. Pour in a generous 1 cup of margarita mixture. Shake vigorously 10 to 15 seconds and strain into two of the prepared glasses. Cheers!